Beatrice ‘Red’ Francovschi

I got into throwing because I was watching “Vikings” and they threw an axe and I was like “I wanna do that!”and met Mark (Milton Keynes Knife Throwers) and got hooked. It’s as cheesy as possible, but I always say I was looking for a hobby and I found a passion, was looking for friends and I found a family.

2021 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
2nd Place Beginner 3m Knife | 2nd Place 5m Beginner Knife | 2nd Place Beginner Knife Overall 

2021 Woodend Autumn Open, Huthwaite, UK
3rd Place Women 3m Knife | 3rd Place Women 5m Knife | 3rd Place Women 7m Knife | 3rd Place Women Knife Overall | 2nd Place Women Long Distance Knife