Derek Hutchison

I have always been vaguely interested in knife throwing as far back as I can remember. I retired age 62 in 2017 and surfing internet early 2019 I discovered online info about throwing clubs in UK. I built a wee range in back garden and bought some cold steel throwing knives and tried to teach myself basics. I visited Edinburgh SKATTA couple of times. Visited KATTA UK Nationals in 2019 as spectator.. felt welcomed & encouraged. Persuaded (by Mikey Atkins, thanks mate!) to enter online Aim Games, K12. Then Covid & lockdowns arrived. So, no live tournaments until recently, but reasonable success at Aim Games :

K12 – 2nd
K14 – 4th
H4 – 7th
K15 – 2nd
H5 – 2nd
K16 – 2nd
K17 – 3rd

2021 UKAT World Online Throwing Competition
1st Place Knife (Walkback) | 2nd Place Axe (Walkback)  

2021 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
3rd Place Mountain Man 

2021 Scottish Masters Double Bit Open, Strathaven
1st Place in Team Event

2021 UKAT Bullseye Blitz
1st Place Knife  

2021 Woodend Autumn Open, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place Duel Cup | 3rd Place 5m Axe | 3rd Place Speed Throw