Lee Shaw

I have been a keen knife collector since I was a kid and whilst looking at knife pages on Facebook I came across the KATTA site. Seeing as how ti was only a few miles away in Pontefract, I contacted John Taylor and my obsession was fuelled.

I began throwing in early 2014 and was taught by some of the best throwers in the country. I entered my first competition in Milton Keynes the same year.

Nowadays, I am more of a backyard thrower, having my own range in the garden.

Knife Throwing Resume

2014 Milton Keynes Tournament
1st Place 1.5 Spin Knife | 1st Place 2 Spin Knife


2014 5th UK KATTA Tournament
1st Place 2.5 Spin Knife | 1st Place Long Distance Knife | 3rd Place 2 Spin Knife | 3rd Place Long Distance Axe

2015 Milton Keynes Tournament
1st Place 3m Knife | 1st Place Speed Throw | Overall Knife Winner

2015 1st UK KATTA Spring Fling, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place 3m Knife | 2nd Place 7m Hawk | 3rd Place Speed Throw

2015 6th UK KATTA Tournament
1st Place 7m Knife | 2nd Place Long Distance Knife | 2nd Place Silhouette | 2nd Place 2 Spin Flying Angel | 3rd Place 5m Knife | 3rd Place 7m Axe

2016 7th UK KATTA Tournament
2nd Place Long Distance Axe

2016 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament
Snife Runner up