Lynn Dakin

I have been throwing since 2013 when my boys bought me a session with Dan Mosley (Woodend Warriors) for Mother’s Day. I am mum of 2 amazing boys who are also throwers! Zach and Cam also started throwing in 2013, at age 13 and 9 respectively and have competed in national throws, the 2015 Eurothrow hosted in the UK, Viking Charity Throws and the 1st KATTA UK Double Bit throw in 2018.

Knife Throwing Resume

2013 – 2017 Various UK Throws

2018 5th Viking Charity Throw

2018 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place Overall Ladies Axe

2018 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament, UK
2nd Place Ladies Long Distance Axe

2019 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place ‘Doug Herod’ Memorial Mountain Woman | 3rd Place 5m Knife  |  2nd Place 7m Knife | 3rd Place 7m Axe | 2nd Place Silhouette | 2nd Place Speed Throw | 2nd Place Long Distance Knife | 2nd Place Long Distance Axe

2019 Eurothrowers World Championships, Newark-on-Trent, UK

2021 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
2nd/3rd 5m Axe | 3rd Long Distance Axe | 1st Women Long Distance Knife

2021 Woodend Autumn Open, Huthwaite, UK
2nd Place 4m Axe

2021 Grizzly Bears Axe & Knife Throwing Competition, Louth, UK
1st Long Distance Knife