Roger Arnay

I was always interested in blades. I first became interested in throwing at a Circus, but actually started to throw at a British Juggling Convention in 2010 with Peter Gamble and Richard Sunderland. It wasn’t until 2014 when I met John Taylor at a BJC again, and he encouraged both Alan Parish and myself to continue and expand our skill. Next year we met up again and after a purchase of some blades (J.T.Throwers), a new hobby took over. In my back garden a little range was set up, not knowing quite what to do. With the help of K.A.T.T.A. I soon realised that there was more to it than just throwing a blade to make it stick. Alan and myself of like mind attended our first competition at Milton Keynes (Mark Bond we already knew through juggling) and realised we needed to learn a lot, and axes as well. We made small targets that we took around and others were becoming very interested. With this in mind Alan and I searched for an area where we could start a range of our own, and that is where Terry Longhurst came to our help and offered his Scout Land, and Essex Backyard Throwers was born. We are now the largest group in the U.K.
Although not a great thrower, I feel I am a competent teacher, and love encouraging new throwers. With my love of the sport, I have resurrected my skill of leather work, and now make sheaths, axe masks, and belts for fellow throwers across the globe.
My throwing skill is improving all the time, but always missing top scores in competition (just the way I am), normally up there somewhere in top 15. Just love meeting others at National and International meets, and made good friends from loads of countries through the sport.

Knife Throwing Resume

2015 Milton Keynes Tournement

2015 Eurothrowers World Championships, Huthwaite, UK

2015 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament

2016 Eurothrowers World Championships, Maniago, Italy

2016 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament
3rd Place 2m Knife | 3rd Place 4m Knife

2016 2nd UK KATTA Spring Fling, Huthwaite, UK
3rd Place Long Distance Knife

2017 French Championship, Ouistreham, France

2017 UK KATTA Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
2nd Place “Silhou-axe” | 9th Overall

2017 Eurothrowers European Championships, Alsómocsolád, Hungary

2017 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament
4th Place Mountain Man

2018 Open de Normandie, Ouistreham, France
4th Place 5m Knife

2018 KATTA UK Double Bit Axe Tournament, Huthwaite, UK

2018 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK

2018 Eurothrowers World Championships, Rýmařov, Czech Republic

2018 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament, UK

2019 Italian National Championship, Pero, Milan, Italy

2019 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
3rd Place 5m Knife | 2nd Place Silhouette 

2019 Eurothrowers World Championships, Newark-on-Trent, UK

2019 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament, UK

2020 Norfolk Flingers “Chuck In the Muck”, Norwich, UK
3rd Place 3m Knife | 2nd Place 7m Axe | 2nd Place Snife

2021 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
3rd Place 4m Axe

2022 Norfolk Flingers Chuck In The Muck 2, Norwich, UK

2022 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
3rd Place Snife | 4th Place Speed Throw (after throw off)

2022 UKAT World Cup, Carpi, Italy
4th Place Silhouette (after throw off) | 6th Place Speed Throw

2022 EBT Summer Event
1st Place 7m Axe | 3rd Place Overall Knife | 3rd Place Overall Knife and Axe | 3rd Place 3m Knife | 3rd Place 4m Axe | 3rd Place Speed Throw