Photo Gallery

More recent photos can be found in the KATTA Facebook group (and the other KATTA-affiliated groups) but here are a few from early competitions and open days:

KATTA UK – The Early Years (2007-2013ish)

1st KATTA Tournament 2010 – Pontefract, UK

3rd KATTA Tournament 2012 – Pontefract, UK

Essex Backyard Throwers Tournament 2016

Martin Hainsworth has also provided some amazing photographs of KATTA over the years (all ©Martin Hainsworth and linked with permission):


KATTA Charity Throw 2015

KATTA Competition 2015

Spring Fling 2015 (At Woodend Warrior’s KATTA-affiliated site)

Eurothrower’s World Championships 2015! (At Woodend Warrior’s KATTA-affiliated site)

Spring Fling 2016 (At Woodend Warrior’s KATTA-affiliated site)

KATTA UK Tournament 2017 (At Woodend Warrior’s KATTA-affiliated site)

And here’s a few from Richard’s early travels to US and European tournaments:

IKTHOF World Championships 2008 – Texas, USA

NEUSKT Tournament 2009 – New Jersey, USA

Eurothrowers Big Meet 2009 – Villeflambeau, France

IKTHOF World Championships 2009 – Texas, USA

NEUSKT Tournament 2010 – New Jersey, USA

IKTHOF World Championships 2010 – Texas, USA

Eurothrowers Big Meet 2011 – Herrischried, Germany

Eurothrowers Big Meet 2012 – Forni Avoltri, Italy

IKTHOF World Championships 2012 – Texas, USA

Eurothrowers Big Meet 2013 – Nivnice, Czech Republic

Eurothrowers Championships 2017 – Alsomocsolad, Hungary

Essex Backyard Throwers 2017 – London, UK