Graham ‘Gimli’ Monkman

I am one of many throwers who just “started by accident” and subsequently became hooked to the art of thunk. First ever competition was the Spring Fling at Woodend Warriors. Conventional throwing was quickly followed by an enthusiasm for no-spin and double-bit axe throwing. I am pretty much self-taught at no spin and use my own knife design in competition and am enjoying my achievements with it.

Knife Throwing Resume

2015 1st UK KATTA Spring Fling, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place ‘Mystery Throw’

2017 1st UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
3rd Place Long Distance Axe | 3rd Place No Spin

2017 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament
2nd Place No Spin Overall

2018 KATTA UK Double Bit Axe Tournament, Huthwaite, UK

2018 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place No Spin Walkback 

2019 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK

2021 Woodend Autumn Open, Huthwaite, UK
2nd Place No Spin | 2nd Place Snax

2022 Grizzly Bears Axe & Knife Throwing Competition, Louth, UK
2nd Place 5m Knife