Jules ‘Valkyrie’ Hoole

I was first exposed to throwing in 2016 when I said I’d film some training material. Knives weren’t a great interest but I soon found that axes, the bigger the better, were. However, why throw a knife when you can throw an axe.
Around Christmas 2016 I got my first Double Bit throwing axe and was hooked. I continued throwing a variety of tomahawks and at the 2017 National Championship co-ran the combined introductory Double Bit competition.
Immediately after that I took a crazy journey across Germany to compete in the first World Championship in Double Bit Axe Throwing coming 11th.
This was followed by the Eurothrowers Championships in Hungary where I broke the handle of one of my hawks but found my new “babies” the Werner Lengmuller tomahawks I now use for precision events.
I co-organised the first British Open Double Bit Championships in April 2018 at Woodend and won the womens event. This was followed by the Irish Open Double Bit where I came 4th in a world class womens event.
This was followed by the second UK Nationals (slight disaster…), and it wasn’t until the Eurothrowers meeting in Czech Republic that my confidence returned and I achieved a PB in long distance hawk – another 80 cm would have gained a podium place.
Placing 2nd at the first monthly DB throw at Hull improved things, (love beating the boys!!!)

Knife Throwing Resume

2017 1st UK Tournament, Huthwaite

2017 1st World Championship Double Bit Axe, Laubach-Munster, Germany
11th Place

2017 Eurothrowers European Championships, Alsómocsolád, Hungary

2018 KATTA UK Double Bit Axe Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place

2018 Irish Axe Throwing Open, County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
4th Place

2018 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK

2018 Eurothrowers World Championships, Rýmařov, Czech Republic
Personal Best in Long Distance Axe

2018 Essex Backyard Throwers (KATTA) Tournament, UK
1st Place 7m Axe | 2nd Place 5m Axe | 2nd Place 4m Axe | 3rd Place Women’s Long Distance Axe

2019 Italian National Championship, Pero, Milan, Italy
3rd Place 4m Axe | 1st Place 7m Axe | 2nd Place Double Bit | 1st Place Long Distance Axe 

2019 KATTA UK National Tournament, Huthwaite, UK
1st Place 4m Axe  |  1st Place 7m Axe | 1st Place Overall Axe | 1st Place Mystery Throw 

1st Asgard Cup 2019, Münster, Laubach, Germany
1st Place Ladies Doublebit Axe